The best prepaid phone cards to call to South America

Prepaid Phone Cards to call to South AmericaToday we will call to South America. Let’s see what is the best way to do this. And again international prepaid phone cards come to help us. Everybogy knows that prepaid calling cards – best way to great savings on international phone calls. Calls to South America are not an exception. No doubt that every time you will call South America with our phone cards you will save money.

For your convenience we have selected the following four calling cards the most suitable for calling to South America.

Prepaid phone cards

  • Additional Charges – NO
  • Rounding – 1 minute
  • Clear connection!
International phone calls

  • Additional Charges – NO
  • Rounding – 1 minute
  • PIN free dialing
Prepaid calling cards

  • Additional Charges – NO
  • Rounding – 3 minutes
  • Excellent connection!

Common dialing sequence while calling to South America from the USA

  1. Local or Toll Free Access Number
  2. PIN number – if your phone number is registered with our system you do not need to dial a PIN number, in this case after dialing the Access Number you should dial a destination number without entering the PIN
  3. Destination number:
  1. 011 – if you wish to make international call from the USA you must dial this exit code
  2. Country Code – a specific code for one of the countries in South America you are going to call
  3. City Code – a specific code of your destination city in a South American country
  4. Phone Number – the telephone number you are going to call

On a phone card page there is a tab «How to dial» where the whole dialing process described in details. Do not forget that if you still have questions our customer service is ready to help you 24 hours a day.

South America country codes

Country Country code Time zones
Argentina Argentina +54 -3.00
Bolivia Bolivia +591 -4.00
Brazil Brazil +55 -5.00 to -2.00
Chile Chile +56 -4.00
Colombia Colombia +57 -5.00
Ecuador Ecuador +593 -5.00
Guyana Guyana +592 -4.00
Paraguay Paraguay +595 -4.00
Peru Peru +51 -5.00
Suriname Suriname +597 -3.00
Uruguay Uruguay +598 -3.00
Venezuela Venezuela +58 -4.00