Prepaid Phone Cards Advantages

Prepaid calling cards = SAVINGS

Calling cards can SAVE you up to 80% on your phone bill!

The reason that prepaid calling cards are so popular is the tremendous savings when compared to traditional services. This is possible because calling card companies provide higher volumes of traffic for the service carriers. Higher volumes translate into lower prices for businesses and customers.
Our customers with family or friends overseas report to us that they save hundreds of dollars each month by using our calling cards with their home phone rather than dialing direct – and domestic users can find their bills cut in half.

  1. Prepaid calling cards domestic and international rates are usually much lower than rates offered by major residential phone service providers and prepaid calling cards local stores.
  2. Calling cards are cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls.
  3. Calling cards can help You to bring your phone expenses within budget; there is no better way to budget your long distance.
  4. The rates on our cards do not change, depending upon the time of day. All of the cards we sell have the same rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Calling cards Holidays sales make additional savings for your budget.
  6. You can bypass hotel and educational institution systems with the resultant savings. (Dialing calling card toll free access numbers allows you to bypass the system.) A phone call from a hotel without a calling card can cost you 20 times more than with the calling card.
  7. There are no monthly bills, and no detailed statements.
  8. Students often do not have any access to long distance service in dormitories. When they do, it is often expensive. Calling cards often cost much less than “calling cards,” which bill you for your long distance calls at the end of the month.
  9. Cellular phone users realize huge savings when they use calling cards rather than their cellular company’s long distance provider.

No Surprises – You always know what you are paying per minute for a call. NO SURPRISE BILLS!

Once you purchase the card, all the information you need to place a call will appear on the screen. You are ready to make a call!

Prepaid calling cards = CONVENIENCE

Prepaid calling cards provide SOLUTIONS to many situations.

  1. You may buy international prepaid phone cards from us in the middle of the night from the comfort of your home – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more driving down to a convenient stores that sell calling cards.
  2. You do not have to hold a card in your hands to use it and you will never need to spend your time looking for a place to buy a card.
  3. Wide choice of calling cards online is offered in one place.
  4. Easy to compare the rates and find the best deal for you.
  5. Independence from local long distance company without need to change it.
  6. You receive mobility (calling from any phone including cellular).
  7. Make a call from anywhere anytime. You can call to virtually any country in the world from any touch-tone phone in the U.S. We also have cards that will allow you to call from nearly one hundred foreign countries back to the U.S. – at rates typically much less than direct-dialed calls from the originating country.
  8. Instantly get the PIN at any time and any place where you have an access to the Internet (go through verification to eliminate any delays) You receive a PIN and Calling instructions Instantly on your screen and to your email address. Instantly get the PIN at any time and any place where you have an access to the Internet. Receive your prepaid calling card in your E-mail within seconds!
  9. Like making a regular telephone call. Prepaid calling cards are very simple to use because it is just like making a regular phone call. The only difference is that there are two extra steps. First, you must dial one of the access numbers for your calling card. This allows you to perform the second step which is to enter your pin number. The final step is to dial your destination number.
  10. A prepaid calling card is an ideal travel companion.
  11. Calling cards provide convenience if you must use a phone but are caught without a means of payment.
  12. Parents find calling cards a great way to ensure safety for their children, allowing them to call home, from anywhere at any time.
  13. Businesses find that calling cards are a convenient and inexpensive way to handle their long-distance needs of traveling employees.

Fast, Convenient, Secure Home Shopping!

Prepaid calling cards = BUDGETING

Keep long distance call costs within your budget.

Students, residents and business owners won’t be surprised with a large phone bill at the end of the month. Prepaid phone cards online allow you to set limits on your spending, as you are only able to use what you have already paid for. You always know how much money/time you have left, or when you have reached your budget limit.

Prepaid calling cards are good for budgeting, because they only allow you to spend what you’ve already paid for. Control your costs.

Prepaid calling cards = MOBILITY

  1. Calling cards online provide solutions to different groups of people, such as travelers, students, truck drivers, international visitors and other.
  2. You can enjoy low long distance rates no matter where You are and what kind of phone You are using; You can call from home, office, foreign country, cell phone, pay phone and enjoy the same low rate.
  3. You receive independence from local and long distance career.

Prepaid calling cards = PRIVACY

Calling cards do not present you with a phone bill so individual call details are not recorded. However, if you do want to see call detail records, they are available with several of our rechargeable phone cards. This is especially convenient for business owners.

You don’t have to go through a credit analysis to obtain a phone card, unlike billed calling plans. No Need for Credit History – Many calling plans require a credit history to sign up for service. Phone cards don’t require credit and can be used by anyone.

If You share a phone with your roommates, phone cards online can help You to avoid the question of figuring out who-called-what-number each month.