Phone cards for soldiers

Phone cards for soldiers – thank you for your service!

Phone Cards for SoldiersOur company demonstrates serious and responsible approach to the issue of providing affordable and reliable phone cards for soldiers. For military personnel, their families and friends, we have chosen our best phone cards. Regardless from where the calls are made (from a Military base or outside of it) phone cards for soldiers from may help avoid significant charges for international phone calls when calling your beloved.

Are you calling from a Military base?

AT&T phone cards give you an opportunity to make calls from phones located on Military bases, satellite telephones and AT&T dedicated lines at really low rates. Now we offer 20% discount on all AT&T calling cards for soldiers and their families.


Are you calling via DSN?

Enjoy even lower rates on Bizon phone card, when using the DSN line for calling from USA based phone numbers. With the rate 3.6 cents per minute Bizon phone card is the most cheap way to call from a Military base outside the USA.

Calling cards for soldiers SEE RATES BUYCARD DETAILS

Are you calling from a mobile phone?

Web Call is a unique service that allows you to make a phone call directly from web page without need of installation any software, and is the best choice when using a cell phone that allows free incoming calls.


International Calls

For families and friends of soldiers serving overseas, our store offers several calling cards for soldiers to call Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. We recommend calling cards Bizon and Continental to call to Military bases. Use our search engine to choose the best rate for a specific phone numbers abroad when calling from USA-Continental.

Calling cards for soldiers SEE RATES BUYCARD DETAILS
Phone cards for soldiers SEE RATES BUYCARD DETAILS

Calling cards for soldiers FAQ

Why should I buy calling cards for soldiers online?

– Phone cards for soldiers bought over the Internet can be refilled quickly and provide an excellent quality connection for all your international calls. Permanent PINs allow family and friends of a soldier serving overseas, to add funds to a phone card without changing the usual way the calls are made. Unlike phone cards that are sold in retail stores, our virtual calling cards are supported by customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guarantee high quality of service!

Do I get a real phone card by the mail?

– Our calling cards for soldiers are purchased over the Internet using secure SSL encrypted system. The phone card PIN number and other card information will be sent to your email, and no physical calling card is sent to your post address. This allows Military members, their families and friends to get instant access to the calling card. One PIN number can be used by several families, to do this, simply send phone card information by email. This email also contains a link, clicking on which customers can print out the full details of a phone card.

Will a Phone cards for soldiers help me to save money?

– Sure! Our phone cards for soldiers allow you and your family save up to 95% on international and long distance calls! Our calling cards are prepaid service, so you will not have to worry about unpleasant surprises such as telephone bills.

How do I choose a phone card?

– To choose a most suitable to you phone card you can read all the information above, and select a card that can be used from your place (calling from the USA, from Military base or via DSN). Please keep in mind that a one-time 99 cents fee will be charged for all calls made from a payphone.

Need more detailed information? Refer to our Customer support located in the USA.

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