New User’s Guide – part 2



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How to order and pay for a phone card? It’s simple:

1. Choose appropriate telephone card.
2. Pay for the card On-line.

There is absolutely safe and certified way to pay online: by Credit/Debit Card.
This way is convenient and reliable. Payment transaction is proceeded by leading e-commerce Payment transaction company: VeriSign – Credit cards processing center. Our site does not have access to your credit card number and your private information. Your credit card’s data is transferred to VeriSign directly using security protocol for Internet payments – SSL, so the information remains confidential. Site receives confirmation from VeriSign that your payment transaction is completed.

How to make a call?

You do not have to hold a card in your hands to use it. After receiving your phone card, you should be able to use it right away!
You just have to know PIN-code of the card and local access number to make a call.

Step 1: Dial a local access number of provider (or a toll free 1-800 number).

If the access number is busy, all the lines maybe tied up, please try to call again later. If the problem persists, contact customer service right away!

Step 2: Enter the pin number.

If you encounter any problems trying to enter your pin number, please contact customer service right away!

Step 3: Dial the destination number.

Don’t forget country code (if necessary). If you have any problems trying to connect with your destination party, please contact customer service right away!

Step 4: Have conversation as normal.

If you have any quality problems with your destination party, please contact customer service right away!

What should I do if I have any problems?

If you ever run into any problems, hang up and try your call again. If the problem persists, immediately end your phone conversation and contact customer service.

1. Contact phone card retailer. Let them know what the problem is so they can alert the service carrier to get the problem fixed.

2. Always report any problem.
Possible problems are:

  • Poor line quality
  • Inconsistency in phone card minutes (+/-)
  • Problems with an access number
  • Problems with a valid pin number
  • Purchase/transaction problems

Charges for Phone Cards

Phone card charges include any of five types of charges. At a minimum, each call will be billed a standard per-minute rate. Many cards also add a fixed access surcharge for each call that is placed. These are called “connection fees”. A service fee may also be charged by some services on a predetermined time frame, ie: weekly, monthly, etc. You could also pay a percentage of taxes on each minute of time, ie: 10% tax per minute, thus a 10 cent per minute rate is actually costing you 11 cents per minute. Lastly, a fairly uncommon charge is a “long call” charge that is assessed after a period time, 20 minutes of talk time, for example.

Additionally, in the U.S., payphones now deduct a fee from your phone to use the phone even if though you are calling a toll-free number (the phone card access number). This new charge is due to deregulation stemming from the Telecom Act of 1996 and started taking effect in late 1997. This fee ranges from 49 cents to 79 cents depending on the carrier issuing the phone card, and goes to pay the operator of the pay phone.