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What are calling cards?

Phone cards, or calling cards, are a prepaid method of making a long distance domestic or international) call. When you buy a prepaid calling card, you are paying for long distance connection time in advance. The amount of minutes is based on the rate table that illustrates what the current rate (cents/minute) to a particular destination is.

The balance of the phone card is tracked through the use of a pin number so that the service carrier can record the calls you make and the appropriate amount to deduct from your phone card.

In using a calling card you save money on your long distance phone bill.There are no monthly bills, and no detailed statements. Rather, you simply pay for the calling time in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls.



Rates are the prices associated with a phone card. Each phone card has its own rate table. The rate table states the price per minute for each destination location available to the phone card.

Expiration date.

The expiration date is the how long the card can be used. Most phone cards expire after 60 – 90 days.

PIN numbers.

PIN numbers are the unique identifiers that allow you to make your phone calls. It also keeps a record of the calls you made and the appropriate amount to deduct from the balance on your phone card.

Access Numbers.

Access numbers are special telephone numbers that must be dialed in order to use your phone card. There are two types of access numbers. First, local access numbers are phone numbers in your area and provide cheaper rates which give you more minutes for your phone card. Second, toll free access numbers are numbers that start like 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, etc. These numbers have a slightly higher rate than local access numbers, but they are more reliable and less frequently has busy signals.

Who should use prepaid phone cards?

  • Use prepaid calling cards if you are a college student to save a great deal over your existing college long distance provider …
  • Use prepaid international calling card from hotel room while travelling or even you are on a military mission abroad …
  • Use prepaid calling cards if you are a truck driver or international visitor …
  • Use prepaid international calling card if your relatives or friends are overseas …
  • Use prepaid calling cards if you are a celular phone user to save money …
  • Use prepaid calling cards to make sure your child can call home from anywhere and anytime …
  • Use prepaid calling cards when using a pay phone or if you need to use a phone but you have no change or other money …
  • Use prepaid calling cards to handle long distance needs of your travelling employees …
  • Use prepaid calling cards if you are a business person …
  • And use prepaid calling cards if you wish to reduce dramatically your home or business long distance phone bill.


Take obvious advantages of prepaid calling cards usage!

Why should I use Calling Cards Online? Because they are:


  • Prepaid calling cards are often less expensive than traditional long distance providers and cheaper than your local phone company. This is possible because phone card companies provide higher volumes of traffic for the service carriers. Higher volumes translate into lower prices for businesses and customers.
  • Using prepaid calling cards wisely can help you control your budget. Prepaid calling cards provide limits in spending. A $20 phone card is good for only $20. You cannot spend anymore than you have already prepaid. So you don’t need to constantly worry about high monthly long distance phone bills.


No additional costs to the price you paid for your card. No hidden fees. You pay only for the card and just make a call.

Comfortable to buy and easy to use:

  • Buy the card on the Internet from the comfort of your home – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You do not have to hold a card in your hands to use it and you will never need to spend your time looking for a place to buy a card.
  • Wide range of prepaid calling cards in one place.
  • Easy to compare the rates and select the best card for you.
  • Independence from local long distance company without need to change it.
  • You receive mobility (calling from any phone including cellular).

Fast and simple:

  • Make a call from anywhere anytime.
  • Instantly get the PIN at any time and any place where you have an access to the Internet (go through verification to eliminate any delays) You receive a PIN and Calling instructions Instantly on your screen and to your email address. Instantly get the PIN at any time and any place where you have an access to the Internet. Receive your prepaid calling card in your E-mail within seconds!
  • Like making a regular telephone call. Prepaid calling cards are very simple to use because it is just like making a regular phone call. The only difference is that there are two extra steps. First, you must dial one of the access numbers for your phone card. This allows you to perform the second step which is to enter your pin number. The final step is to dial your destination number.


Information about the cards is presented in English and Russian. Some cards have prompt available in Russian, English, Chinese or Polish languages.

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How to buy cheap phone cards by e-mail?

3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Select a Country you wish to call and will select cards for you with the Best Rates

Step 2. Buy the cards securely Online!

Step 3. You receive a PIN and Calling instructions Instantly on your screen and to your email address.