International Cheap Phone Cards for Au Pair & Nanny

Cheapest international calling cardFamilies, which use services of Au pairs or nannies to look after their babies, will save a lot, if they order the cheapest international calling card to avoid extra phone charges.

This way your baby takers stay in touch with their families abroad and you save up to 97% on long distance phone calls overseas. How does this work? You, as the host family, buy a prepaid calling card online and give it to your Au pair or nanny. The Au pair or nanny can refill it during the year according to their budget. Au pairs’ or nannies’ families or mates can also buy international cheap phone cards to call them back at low tariffs.

What Nannies or Au Pairs Should Know

International cheap phone cardsCharges for calls make

  • from US to GERMANY starting with 2.1$ per min
  • from US to AUSTRALIA starting with 1.8$ per min
  • from US to CHINA starting with 2.1$ per min

Save money when calling home!

  • Both home or cell phones can be used
  • No extra fees for maintenance and connection needed
  • PIN-less dialing of six numbers possible
  • Availability of speed dialling
  • Cards are prepaid – No unexpected extra charges!


For Relatives or Friends

Reliance calling cardCharges for calls make

  • from FRANCE to US starting with 2.5$ per min
  • from JAPAN to US starting with 4.3$ per min
  • from UK to US starting with 2.5$ per min

Stay connected with your dearests!

  • Over 95 countries to call from
  • No extra care needed including connection fees or additional maintenance
  • You can refill the card online straightway
  • Undergoing no changes to refillable PIN number
  • Cards are prepaid – No unexpected extra charges!


FAQ about Nannies and Au Pairs Possesing International Cheap Phone Cards

We’ll use services of an Au pair or nanny this year – is it a must to buy a reliance calling card?
– If you don’t want to get an unexpectedly high phone bill for international calls, you’d better purchase at least the cheapest international calling card to avoid tension with your nanny or Au pair from the beginning of their staying. Thus you let them understand that you care. Buying a nanny or Au pair calling card is highly recommended because this way you somehow prevent them from being totally homesick and protect your family budget from additional phone charges!

Is it required to buy several calling cards during the year?
– One calling card is easily refillable through your account online any time, so you’ll spare your time and won’t have to purchase different calling cards. If you open an account either in the name of your Au pair or nanny, they will get control over it and can refill their initial card as far as their budget allows. Thus member of your family have nothing to do with their finances.

My daughter is going to become an Au pair – is there any way of saving money calling her from my home land?
– The Solaris card is a reliance calling card which allows to make calls from 95 countries. It’s indispensable for the families and soul mates of younger women who have decided to become an Au pair. To call your daughter internationally you must dial a local or toll free access number of your country, enter the PIN code, and then you can call your daughter dialling her international number.

I will work as a nanny or Au pair abroad soon – is it a must to possess a phone card?
– If you buy an Online Au pair phone card before going to work, you can communicate with you family and mates, who stay in your native country. Who knows? Maybe you’ll feel homesick or uncomfortable in your new home. Then your phone card will come in handy because you can talk to your dearests before you get used to new surroundings.