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Golden Lotus prepaid phone card

Today we would like to draw your attention to another our phone card with very low rates. This is Golden Lotus calling card which is the best for making calls to India and other South Asia countries.

This card offers even more interesting opportunities. With Golden Lotus you can call not only anywhere in the world but make domestic calls within the USA and Canada! There are Toll Free Numbers and Local Access Numbers in the USA and Canada and in a lot of other countries. It’s easy and convenient! And you don’t need to pay a connection fee.

Golden Lotus has several handy features:

  • PIN Free Access

    To use this feature you should register your telephone number with the card. Then after you dial the Access Number the system recognizes your phone number automatically and there is no need to enter a PIN every time you call!

    If you use more than one phone number you can register all your numbers with the card. To do this you can go to “My Account” – “My Permanent PINs“.

  • Golden Lotus is a refillable card. It means that you can add funds to the card at any time. To refill card go to “My Account” – “My Permanent PINs” where you can see the card’s balance and other reports.
  • Speed Dial
  • Online Call History Access

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