Calling Cards for Students

International StudentsStudents calling cards becomes popular all the time because they seek reliable and cheap calling options. One can buy plastic phone cards in the stores easily but they often get lost or are difficult to use with constantly changing PIN numbers or flaws due to unreliable centers of Customer Services.
That’s the reason why our store online provides for students an easy way in finding calling cards online. Besides, we’ve become a leader in students’  calling card when studying abroad and in plan sales of dorm calling!

Calls From The USA

Student calling card

  • US to US starting with 2.2$ per min
  • US to CANADA starting with 1.8$ per min
  • US to UK starting with 1.8$ per min


  • Any kind of phone is used: dorm phone, land-line phone, pay phone, celly
  • No extra care needed including connection fees
  • Up to six numbers to be registered for PIN-less calling
  • Available feature of speed dialling
  • With prepaid card you never have unexpected bills!


Calls To The United States From Other Countries

Student calling cards

  • UK to US starting with 2.5$ per min
  • GREECE to US starting with 10.4$ per min
  • PERU to US starting with 4.3$ min


  • Over 95 countries on the list
  • No extra care needed including connection fees additional maintenance or connection fees
  • Students, their parents and friends refill their account online
  • Refillable PIN number always stays the same
  • With prepaid card you never have unexpected bills!



Who makes use of student calling cards?

– Phone cards are used by thousands of college students and students from other countries to help save money for domestic or international calls. The phone card online is the easiest option for phone calls of college students – they don’t have to eliminate calling PIN numbers of the card via Direct Dial! (Learn more about Direct Dial »)

Can I top up my phone card and make use of it all year through?

– Sure! Student calling cards are refilled online any time, either by students or their parents! And when you filling your calling card, your PIN number and dialing information never changes!

Can I get a plastic copy of my card via mail?

– Our student calling cards are only virtual and we don’t send physical cards. You’ll get your PIN code and how to use it through email. Then it can be logged into your account online, and you may check out its usage, your balance and purchases!

I’m studying in a foreign country, can I make use of a student phone card when I want to call home?

– Certainly! The listed above Solaris card is available in over 95 different countries. All you have to do is to dial either a toll free or local access number in your country, to enter your PIN and to dial the number you want.